The Australian E Learning Association is one of the fastest growing professional associations for people who design, deliver and assess workplace learning and development in the E-Learning sphere. Representing more than 50,000 education individuals and organisations Nationally we support trainers, learning and development practitioners, teachers and professional educators in the areas of instructional design, Learning and Development e-learning design and technology.

Leading through innovation, AELA sets the benchmark for best practice and ongoing professional development, by working with individuals and organisations to help them get better results from their learning initiatives.

AELA offers a broad range of services and benefits to all learning and development members such as professional development, networking opportunities, access to resources, latest research and industry news and new legislative changes.

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Main Activities


To grow the understanding, practice and knowledge transfer of e-Learning in the AELA Zone.


To create a seamless approach through collaborative means for the sharing of best practice applications in e-learning and to support the membership group with their quest for developing, enhancing and impacting with e-learning.


A dynamic network established for the purpose of supporting excellence in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of e-learning.


  • To jointly provide and develop innovative e-learning practices and promote quality, innovation and transparency in higher and adult education.
  • To openly share e-learning know-how and innovative e-learning solutions in a transparent and helpful manner.
  • To develop policies, procedures, and practices with respect to the design, development and implementation of e-learning.
  • To develop a quality assurance framework for of e-learning which is of relevance to the AELA zone and actively promote its adoption.
  • To serve the members through ‘one-stop-shop-approach’ and to actively engage all key Stakeholder organizations directly involved in e-learning in the AELA Region.
  • To conduct relevant and meaningful research on all aspects of e-learning adoption and its impact in the AELA Region and to widely disseminate the findings.
  • To create awareness and understanding of e-learning related issues and to document its value and benefits as an emerging and viable approach to providing education in a contemporary business context.
  • To develop partnership and linkages with relevant regional and international associations.
  • To actively create a network of relationships with various providers of expertise that can support the growth and development of collaborative and cooperative e-learning solutions in the AELA zone.
  • To create various recognition schemes in the form of awards and prizes for the encouragement the development and implementation of excellence in e-learning.

Executive Director – Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt is the Executive Director for AELA. He brings a wealth of experience from his corporate days as a lawyer, providing strategic risk advice to Boards, incorporating legislation and risk across mission critical assets. Andrew’s experience in an high tech environment is unsurpassed bringing to AELA this understanding combined with his ability to translate and manage government driven changes that impact and effect Training Organisations ability to be efficient, affective and practical in their delivery of learning and training resources.