Welcome to the Australian E-Learning Association.

The Australian E-Learning Association (AELA) members include trainers, educators, consultants, coaches, course coordinators, mentors, instructors, teachers, facilitators, designers and assessors. What unites our members is a common belief in the value of continuous learning and ongoing professional development to build a thriving, adaptable workforce.  AELA holds regular professional development events in each State/Territory combining networking and knowledge sharing to provide structured high quality professional development. These one-day or half-day workshops are for professionals looking to extend their skills and knowledge of training and development theory and practice, design and delivery.  Additionally we offer a range of regular Webinars featuring leading international speakers on a variety of contemporary topics designed for learning and development professionals.

Jon now and take up the opportunity to increase your profile by applying to be an AELA networking speaker, writing an article for the Training and Development e-magazine, using the post-nominals MAELA and applying to be endorsed as an AELA Accredited Member.

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