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In Course Camera Tracking for Delivery and Assessment of Courses and Gamification for Education.

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In Course Camera Tracking for Delivery and Assessment of Courses Multi Award Winning firm Urban E Learning has recently establish a new technology framework that will revolutionise the way RTO's and University's deliver their programs moving forward. Their application is set to change the training and delivery for education globally and also areas such as Pschycometric Testing and identification validation where much is done online. The previous concerns of Fraud raised consistently about online delivery and assessment means that this new solution is even more secure than any other framework. For Companies like Hogan Assessments the question is still about "Who is really doing the test?"  This new framework eliminates the risk and maintains the integrity of the testing process. With E-learning  back with a vengeance it illustrates what I that we are finally on the verge of creating a globally standard approach to Education in every forum. The brick-and-mortar universities are dead and virtual universities were going to take over in the next 12 months. The concepts are simple.  Companies and individuals are freed from the cost and time of travel which costs Millions of dollars when we could learn online, in a social media rich environment all in the comfort form our own...
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Mobilising teaching and training in VET in Australia

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Mobile learning, or m-learning, is growing in Australia and holds enormous potential to transform the delivery of education and training. M-learning offers modern ways to support learning through mobile devices, such as handheld and tablet computers, MP3 players, smartphones and mobile phones. M-learning is personal, portable, collaborative, interactive, contextual and situated, and emphasises ‘just-in-time’ teaching and assessment. Groups like Urban-E-Learning is

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