Heart Research Centre backs Online Course Delivery

By April 6, 2013 December 5th, 2014 Blog

In a new Online CDSM Program the Heart Research Centre has developed a new online training program accessible at home or work at your convenience. This popular and very comprehensive, fully evaluated training program introduces participants to evidence based practices which will enhance client self management. Chronic disease self management (CDSM) requires clients to make many changes in their lives.

While many clients make changes in the short term, most find it hard to maintain these changes. To support clients to make lasting lifestyle changes, health professionals need additional skills in CDSM. In this course you will learn evidence based strategies which you can use to enhance the ability of your clients to self manage their chronic disease.

Their comprehensive five hour, five module online training program embraces evidence based strategies based on motivational interviewing and cognitive behaviour therapy. These strategies can be used with both groups and individuals. The package includes a manual with tools for ‘hands on’ use with your clients. Modules include Understanding CDSM Behavioural goal setting Effective communication Cognitive strategies to support CDSM Motivational interviewing A detailed manual is included with the registration fee, providing participants with access to a range of tools to guide practice with their client group.

The program has been endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing, the Australian Practice Nurse Association, the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association, Kidney Health Australia and the Australian Lung Foundation.

For More information:  http://www.heartresearchcentre.org/training/training-programs/online-training-cdsm/

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